450 Premium Chairs for $36,225.00 to 58329

General Information
Number of Chairs this Church Needs: 450
Type of Chairs this Church Needs: Premium Chairs
Total Budget for Chairs: $36,225.00
The Chairs are Needed Within: 91+ Days
Shipped to (Zip): 58329

Chair Details
Frame Type: Metal
Fabric Example:
Accessories: Book Rack, Fabric Card Pocket
Seat Width: 20.5″
Foam: Standard Foam (Slab)
Back Style: Open

We have a pastoral staff that had chairs prevoiusly and at the end of each service the ushers needed to straighten and fix the rows. We want a good interlocking system to avoid this issue. We do not totally understand the difference in quality of chairs. Since we are importing chairs we would consider china chairs vs usa. Neither one helps the canadian economy and price is important for our small church. We could have chairs shipped the the zip code provided if needed.