At Church Chair Finder Church Chairs are Always on Sale

Search for “Church Chairs” on the Internet and your results will be staggering! So much so that we regularly hear from churches frustrated at the entire church chair shopping process. Trying to sort through all the exaggerated claims, and sales ploys, and marketing efforts directed at churches is time-consuming, confusing, and exasperating. One blog entitled “My Church Chair Nightmare” accurately captures the experience of far too many churches. So how does a church go about obtaining an excellent price on a quality church chair?

One recommended solution is to utilize the ministry of Church Chair Finder. This easy to use website allows your church to enter some basic information ONE TIME regarding your church chair needs. Church Chair Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers then begin the process of competing for your business! You may remember the slogan for the popular Lending Tree Commercials “When Banks Compete, You Win!” Well, when church chair suppliers compete, your church wins!

Here is what some churches have discovered! They have contacted a church chair supplier directly, have worked with a sales representative, and then have received a quote for church chairs. Later they have utilized Church Chair Finder and have subsequently received quotes from church chair suppliers who have chosen to participate in the Church Chair Finder ministry. In some cases they have received a second quote from the same church chair supplier they had previously received a quote from, only the price was now lower because of the reality of competition by the church chair supplier!

Church Chair Finder can assist your church in being in the driver’s seat during your church chair project and remove much of the frustration so often associated with the entire process. And when you receive church chair quotes that in some cases are “apples to apples” on the same church chairs, you will be able to see for yourself the difference in price charged on identical church chairs.

An additional benefit is that church chair suppliers that participate in this ministry tend to demonstrate a healthy confidence in their line of church chairs. There is an element of risk when entering into this level of competition for your church’s business! It is certainly reasonable that those willing to take such a risk are those church chair suppliers who have a quality church chair to offer your church, versus one of the very low-quality church chairs that are quite prevalent today.

So please always remember, “At Church Chair Finder Church Chairs Are Always on Sale!”