100 Value Chairs for $5,040.00 to 66102

General Information
Number of Chairs this Church Needs: 100
Type of Chairs this Church Needs: Value Chairs
Total Budget for Chairs: $5,040.00
The Chairs are Needed Within: 30 – 45 Days
Shipped to (Zip): 66102

Chair Details
Frame Type:
Fabric Example:
Accessories: Book Rack, Book Pouch
Seat Width:
Back Style:

our church does a lot for the community! We do our best to make sure whoever comes to our church hears the gospel and is shown the most respect! my pastor and co-pastor work so hard and put in so much of their money for not only the church but the members as well. Whether it be food gas money for anything they need and are really wanting their members to have comfortable seats to sit on as they have had these pews for over 30 years. Please help them and God bless