350 Value Chairs for $17,640.00 to 32666

General Information
Number of Chairs this Church Needs: 350
Type of Chairs this Church Needs: Value Chairs
Total Budget for Chairs: $17,640.00
The Chairs are Needed Within: 16 – 20 Days
Shipped to (Zip): 32666

Chair Details
Frame Type: Metal
Fabric Example:
Seat Width: 20.5″
Foam: Standard Foam (Slab)
Back Style: Open

3 most important factors other than price:

1. Durability: In a camp setting we are often stacking, unstacking, and adjusting chairs from week to week.
2. Stackability: The number of guests change drastically from group to group and we'd like to stack them in a room out of the way when not in use.
3. We are putting this in a room with new wooden laminate flooring. It absolutely cannot damage our new flooring.