150 Value Chairs for $7,560.00 to 89169

General Information
Number of Chairs this Church Needs: 150
Type of Chairs this Church Needs: Value Chairs
Total Budget for Chairs: $7,560.00
The Chairs are Needed Within: 30 – 45 Days
Shipped to (Zip): 89169

Chair Details
Frame Type:
Fabric Example:
Accessories: Book Rack, Fabric Card Pocket
Seat Width:
Back Style:

We are a newer church (3 1/2 years old) that is growing and need desperately need chairs. Our church is the "VERY FIRST" church ever in the community that we serve. That's Right!! Our community was the most dangerous neighborhood in the entire Las Vegas Valley; thus, no one ever dared to plant a church in the "Cambridge" community of Las Vegas. God, in his humor moved on my heart to plant the very first church in this community.
We have been there 3 1/2 years and violent crime is down 37.5%.