24 Economy Chairs for $1,437.60 to 77664

General Information
Number of Chairs this Church Needs: 24
Type of Chairs this Church Needs: Economy Chairs
Total Budget for Chairs: $1,437.60
The Chairs are Needed Within: 30 Days or Less
Shipped to (Zip): 77664

Chair Details
Frame Type:
Fabric Example:
Accessories: Book Rack, Fabric Card Pocket, Communion Cup Holder, Pencil Holder
Seat Width:
Back Style:

We are a new church trying to spread the word, love and the truths of the highest of the high the lord almighty. We are a small church and we need support and supplies to git fully operational. all of our money that we do have has to go to clean up and renovate the land and our new church. Our first church was and is a street church. But now we are trying to go official. Thank you and be blessed!