Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions about Church Chair Finder. If you have a question not addressed here please contact us.

FAQ for Churches (8)

What information is shared with church chair suppliers?

All the information you share on the quote request form is shared ONLY with our trusted, verified suppliers.  Your information will not be released or sold to any additional parties.  We have a strict NO SPAM policy!

Is Church Chair Finder Free?

Yes.  There is absolutely NO COST for churches.  There is also NO OBLIGATION.  Church Chair Finder is totally free and completely risk-free.

What if we don’t know exacly what we need?

No worries, Church Chair Finder was developed just for you!  All you need to do is fill in the form with what you know – or what you THINK…  You will have an opportunity to review the quotes that the church chair suppliers send to you and work with them directly.  Just fill out the form and give it a try – it is 100% FREE and NO OBLIGATION!

Are all the church chair suppliers reputable?

Yes.  We screen each and every supplier before they are allowed to make quotes through Church Chair Finder.

How long does it take to start receiving quotes?

You will start to receive quotes within 24-48 hours of requesting them.

Can I edit my quote request?

No. Your quote request will automatically expire in 14 days. At any time you may make additional quote requests – all free and with no obligation. To make additional quote requests simply login with your email address and password.

How long are quotes valid?

All quotes valid for 14 days. For consistency this is a strict value and cannot be changed at this time.

Are we under any obligation if we request/receive quotes?

No. You will receive quotes in your email, it is up to you to contact any of the suppliers you’re interested in working with. All supplier contact information can be found on the quote.

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FAQ for Church Chair Suppliers (8)

Who can view our quotes?

Only the church who requested the quote will be able to see the quote you submit to them. It is sent to them as an email (PDF attachment). No other church chair suppliers or churches will be able to access the quotes.

How do we get listed in your church chair search?

If you want to be included in our church chair search, contact us.

How long are quotes valid?

All quotes valid for 14 days. For consistency this is a strict value and cannot be changed at this time.

Can we send more than one quote to a church?

Yes. You may send additional quotes. However, keep in mind that more quotes from you can often make a church’s decision more difficult and can send them looking to another supplier. We strongly recommend only making one quote per church request. Just make it your best!

After we send a church a quote, what next?

After you send a church a quote it is up to them to contact you if they’re interested. In order to protect church’s privacy we will not provide you with any identifying information for the church excluding their zip code which is provided for the purpose of a shipping quote.

Do we have to guarantee our quotes?

No. We understand that there are variables that may affect your quote. Your quote is a basic starting point for the churches – however, best practice is to have your quote be solid and “guaranteed” for the options and chair quoted.

Can we include our payment terms?

Yes. There will be an area where you can include your terms of payment.

Do churches pay us directly?

Yes. We simply are a platform connection churches with church chair suppliers. We do not accept payments from churches – all commerce is handled directly between churches and suppliers.

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